A Spin On The Company Retreat

Inspirato w AMEX K (2)The company retreat has come a long way. Businesses are increasing the frequency in which they close the office and take their meetings “offline”. Why? Because it pays to play.

The benefits of an office retreat are far from revolutionary and yet, some organizations still see them as a last resort for burnt-out teams. It’s true; the benefits of throwing a curve in the day-to-day office plans vary depending on the group, season and location. However, a few things remain the same. Colleagues discover the ability to re-charge while simultaneously opening the doors to creative ideas and casual dialogue. The outdoor patio of a not-so-far away hotel creates the perfect “office” for a team to dive deeper in strategic discussions around value-add practices. Topics or concerns not previously voiced are comfortably addressed and, before they know it, teams have one of their most productive meetings in days. All encouraged by a new venue and change to the normal office routine.

If you’re wondering where to start planning, we have a suggestion. The private destination club, Inspirato.

Launched in early 2011, Inspirato combines the space and comfort of more than 130 awe-inspiring vacation homes with the services and amenities of a five-star resort. Inspirato members choose between premium residences in many of the world’s most coveted destinations.

Additionally, Inspirato has programs designed specifically for your business. Whether it’s to hold a company retreat, travel to a major city for meetings, entertain clients outside the office setting, or reward employees with incentive travel, Inspirato for Business offers a spin to the usual corporate travel with a pricing structure and flexibility to meet many of your corporate needs.

Our executive team recently stayed at one of Inspirato’s breathtaking locations in Beaver Creek, Colorado, to conduct a yearly strategic off-site. RAS & Associates’ Founding Partner, Rob Swanson, shares, “From our experience, the conversations really flow when you’re in a comfortable yet luxurious, personalized environment. The energy level was high and everyone stayed actively engaged in discussions.”

Rob adds, “My overall experience as an Inspirato member has surpassed all expectations. The Inspirato team really tailors their communication and vacation planning to fit my personal preferences as well as those of RAS.”

Learn more about Inspirato and their membership options by clicking here or by calling 888.546.5008.