Aerospace & Defense | Audit and Regulatory Compliance

The U.S. Aerospace and Defense industry is facing significant challenges in declining defense budgets, changing industry dynamics, and regulatory compliance.

Recently revised DCAA audit procedures and DFARS regulations add more variables to already complex business system compliance. To avoid costly withholds and potential contract risks, federal contractors must be able to adapt to rapid changes in their regulatory environments. RAS & Associates partners with our clients to interpret and apply regulatory standards and develop integrated enterprise resource planning processes and procedures built from industry best practices.

  • Merger of equals resulted in a new organization with dispersed production facilities and two separate product lines
  • Parent organizations were not certified as MMAS compliant manufacturers
  • Client needed to establish enterprise processes and tests for system compliance
  • Interpreted DFARS requirements and defined applications to the client business structure
  • Mapped MMAS environment against enterprise functions
  • Utilized process toolkit to structure and launch full-scale compliance initiative
  • Trained employees and transitioned accountability to process owners
  • Implemented business system sustainment framework
  • Training in audit principles and standards instilled awareness and accountability throughout the organization
  • Boosted confidence among the internal audit/compliance team and executives
  • Repeatable, sustainable processes that continue to allow for quick and successful evolution when compliance changes occur

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