Aerospace & Defense | Strategic Management Process

The U.S. Aerospace and Defense industry is facing significant challenges in declining defense budgets, changing industry dynamics, and regulatory compliance.

RAS & Associates partnered with one of our Aerospace & Defense clients to develop and execute a robust strategic planning process. Facing a changing and uncertain business environment, our client needed a way to structure strategic discussions, evaluate strategic alternatives, and align the company around a single strategic direction. With our proven process approach and extensive experience facilitating executive workshops, RAS helped our client develop a repeatable strategic management process to support their strategic choices and vision for maximizing long-term company value.

  • Strategic planning activities were not organized into a clearly-defined, closed-loop process that bridges the gap between strategy and execution
  • Lack of clear understanding of business direction and strategic objectives between CEO and senior leaders
  • Implemented an enterprise strategic management process to develop and communicate the corporate strategy throughout the organization
  • Provided a comprehensive approach to near- and long-term strategic planning activities
  • Facilitated a four-phase approach to capture key insights about the client’s business environment, develop a winning proposition and strategic priorities, and align the organization on a set of strategic initiatives
  • Enabled a unified sense of strategic direction across senior leadership and the organization
  • Improved the client’s ability to quickly respond to environmental changes that influence corporate strategy
  • Increased understanding of the corporate strategy among employees improved engagement

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