Business Systems Analysis | Regulatory Agency Relationship

RAS & Associates values solid business relationships, and helps clients build collaborative, effective working relationships with regulatory agencies to establish a mutually agreeable business environment.

For federal contractors, undergoing a system audit can be a confusing process. A common challenge is determining how to engage the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and/or Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and respond to the many inquiries and preliminary findings in a timely fashion. RAS & Associates has effectively deployed audit communications strategies and processes to help clients improve their working relationships with regulatory agencies.

  • Several of the client’s business systems were under scrutiny during concurrent DCAA and DCMA audits
  • Client had difficulty responding to auditors in an effective, consistent, and timely manner
  • Client suffered from perceptions of unreliability and poor performance in their relationships with both DCAA and DCMA
  • Collaborated with the client to establish and organize an Audit Advisory Committee of industry-recognized subject matter experts to:
  • Foster client understanding of DCMA/DCAA requirements, expectations, and government audit process
  • Develop and implement a communications strategy
  • Respond to audit inquiries with clear, fact-based messages
  • Client developed a deeper understanding of the government audit process and requirements
  • Client learned how to engage auditors appropriately and earned increased trust
  • Client noted improvements in the perception of their business system performance and reliability

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