RAS & Associates is always open to exploring opportunities and speaking with those interested in working with us! We are experiencing significant growth in the Denver market and are seeking individuals with 4+ years of professional experience including 2+ years of management consulting experience to support this growth. Join us and get the benefits of working for a large strategy or management consulting company in a small-firm environment!

We are looking for consultants who…

  • Are creative problem solvers and natural leaders
  • Have a strong affinity for leadership and helping others
  • Have the ability to work at a detailed level while maintaining an understanding of the big picture
  • Thrive when surrounded by intelligent individuals
  • Are passionate about continued personal and professional growth
  • Want to take control of their own career

Why join us?

  • You will work with intelligent & driven people who support each other’s professional and personal goals
  • Your work will be challenging and rewarding
  • You will receive much personal attention and will develop at a rapid pace
  • Your career goals will always be a priority
  • Your opinions and suggestions are highly valued
  • We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package
  • You will have more fun at work than you thought possible!

What about culture?

  • A positive balance between professional and personal life
  • A place where you are supported for being an individual
  • A place where your value is recognized and fully appreciated
  • A place where you are encouraged to develop your career and professional network
  • A place where you can actually make a difference and see the results of your efforts
  • An easy-going and fun, yet professional environment

What does each level do?



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