Colorado State University Capstone Course Presents to Lockheed

For the fourth consecutive year, RAS & Associates has partnered with the Colorado State University College of Business Capstone course to provide mentoring to students as they puzzle their way through a case study involving Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The students are provided actual data from Lockheed Martin and given a semester to formulate a structured analysis that offers two solutions to Lockheed’s proposed problem. The case is organized in a way which requires students to take a managerial, financial, and entrepreneurial perspective to successfully find a solution. Throughout the semester, RAS employees visit the class to offer advice, present materials, and answer questions. RAS employees also serve as panel members at the  student presentations held at the end of the semester at the Lockheed Martin campus in Littleton, Colorado.  After team presentations, one group is chosen by the panel as having the most realistic, innovative, and purposeful solution to the Lockheed Martin case.

RAS employees are excited to see another capstone course take on the Lockheed Martin case next Spring!


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