Consulting Magazine Features RAS Article on Solving the Problem, Not Just the Symptoms

cmagManagers and consultants tend to spend most of their time putting out fires. They treat individual symptoms of larger problems as they come up. Fixing the symptoms is easy. Solving the underlying problem isn’t.

These individual symptoms are easy to spot. The easiest path a business or a consultant can take is to identify the symptoms that are ailing a business/business unit and then document, design, build, and implement a solution that fixes it. In the short term, this makes you look good. You follow your process, roll out a great solution, and then wonder why you didn’t solve this earlier. Pats on the back all around. The business will feel great and the consultant will move on and solve the next big thing.

Then a few months will go by and the same symptoms begin to show up again. You take a look under the hood, perhaps engage the consultant to come back in and tweak the solution a bit, add a few new features, and then watch the symptoms subside. Then a few months go by, the symptoms show up again… you get the picture. The business starts questioning the skills of the consultant and the consultant starts pointing back at the client. Why does this happen so often? Read More