Consulting Magazine Features RAS Article | Run Your Project Like A Rock Concert

cmagI was recently on a run listening to one of my favorite live albums, “Alive,” by Daft Punk. However, this time I found myself not just listening to the music, but listening to how the crowd responded, the transitions between songs, and timing of the drops and climaxes. My mind then started wandering to my work, and I began thinking about the project that I am leading.

Although I would argue that my project isn’t quite as entertaining as a rock concert, I found myself drawing the correlation between the two, and realizing that while partnering with a client, We are putting on an incredible show. It is a large project, spanning a number of months, with numerous stakeholders, and I have to help the artist keep the energy going, so that when they go-live, the client is given a standing ovation and asked for an encore.Read the full article here

Tony Mauro is a Principal at RAS & Associates. Mauro partners with Fortune 500 organizations to improve their supply chain processes and capabilities, and has worked with clients in telecommunications, medical devices, high-tech electronics, retail, oil and gas, and aerospace and defense. Mauro’s published work includes articles in Supply Chain Management Review, Sr. Global Supply Chain Executive and Supply& Demand Chain Executive. To contact Mauro, you may e-mail him at