Energy & Mining | ERP System Integration Strategy for Land & Finance

As investor expectations climb, challenges threaten the U.S. Energy and Mining sector, including escalating costs and increased regulatory obligations.

The development and communication of strategic initiatives are among the most complex elements of strategic planning. Executives often face difficulties reaching a common understanding and concurrence on company priorities. However, by approaching strategic planning as an ongoing process executives can better align strategic initiatives and deliver their strategies.

  • The client was a major E&P company that lacked functional integration between Land, Finance, and Operations
  • Client required cross-functional reporting and communications due to increased land activity and recent acquisitions
  • Leadership could not easily access current information on acreage positions, Division of Interests, land owner agreements, or obligations and provisions
  • Client needed to understand legacy versus new assets
  • RAS held workshops with Land, Finance, and Operations teams to identify information needs of each function and document existing gaps
  • Worked with the vendors to outline an integration strategy for Land and Finance, including the complex integration of SAP and Quorum Land Management software
  • Delivered an integrated plan to provide the client with complete and current access to key finance, land management, and operations data
  • Increased cross -functional communication and visibility by educating leaders on ERP system capabilities and information flow between finance/accounting, land, and operations
  • Improved access to accurate, timely information across the business units enabled data analysis, risk identification and informed decision making

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