Energy & Mining | Supply Chain Organization Definition

As investor expectations climb, challenges threaten the U.S. Energy and Mining sector, including escalating costs and increased regulatory obligations.

From slashing sourcing costs to facilitating strategic planning sessions, RAS consultants provide millions of dollars in value to the clients we serve. We understand the key value levers that will impact both operations and cost. Our expertise in categories such as sourcing methodologies and strategies, supplier negotiations, and comprehensive cost control measures allow us to create custom solutions at all levels of our clients’ organizations.nd concurrence on company priorities. However, by approaching strategic planning as an ongoing process executives can better align strategic initiatives and deliver their strategies.

  • Executive team’s strategic move to chase the energy boom and embark on hyper-expansion created complications for the client’s supply chain organization
  • Supply chain was operating on a new and improperly integrated technology platform
  • Supply chain suffered from an identity crisis due to competing priorities and ownership between regional field operations and the corporate office
  • Interviewed the regional leadership and corporate executives to learn their respective procurement practices, demand drivers and criteria for the supply chain to improve upon current competitive advantages
  • Assessed the current landscape, identifying material strengths and weaknesses with respect to process execution, system utilization and organizational structure
  • Leveraged interview findings and assessment insights to recommend a new supply chain model
  • Enabled a mutually-beneficial supply chain relationship between regional field operations and the corporate office, such that both worked collaboratively to achieve the same key business priorities
  • Improved the definition surrounding roles, responsibilities and reporting structure for field personnel affiliated with the supply chain function
  • Minimized business disruption by carefully considering regional dynamics and capitalizing on existing technology infrastructure

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