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How do you climb Mount Everest? One step at a time. RAS works with teams to plan and prepare for an organization’s largest and most complex programs.

Successful execution of complex programs is not easy. Often the problems are not well understood, the next steps are unclear, and there is no initial momentum. RAS & Associates thrives on turning ambiguity into clarity. Our experience crosses multiple industries and includes regulatory compliance work for SOX, Dodd-Frank, ARRA HITECH legislation and internal business system audit compliance. We know how to secure and maintain the engagement of key resources and stakeholders, identify and mitigate risks, and develop communication and change management plans to ensure long-term success.

  • Multi-billion dollar financial services company faced new government and compliance regulations that impacted all key components of the core business
  • Client under a tight deadline to identify, structure, plan and manage all required operational improvements in accordance with new legislation
  • Client brought RAS & Associates onto the team to engage business leaders to translate regulations into requirements across business systems and to setup a program governance and reporting structure for oversight and communication to executives
  • Quickly built strong relationships with cross-functional management team to create a collaborative environment
  • Worked with legal team to become subject matter experts on the regulations to facilitate requirement gathering sessions with a goal of translating regulations into actionable business requirements
  • Facilitated key requirements sessions with internal and external stakeholders to document detailed approaches and timing considerations for each component of the legislation
  • Worked with the EPMO project managers to create a program management plan derived from their individual project management plans
  • Established program and project level budgeting and performance tracking tools and templates
  • Tracked and reported program-level status and risks, including detailed mitigation plans
  • Common understanding of the regulatory impacts on the business served as the catalyst to achieving goals
  • Requirements-gathering sessions allowed RAS to understand the program and areas of contention, and facilitate a common set of requirements for management approval
  • Detailed program plan and budget provided executive awareness of enterprise risk and associated cost to comply with regulations
  • Structured planning process enabled functions across the business to clearly define and achieve objectives, with an understanding of cross-project dependencies and impacts on goals
  • Established detailed compliance plan so that the legal team could ensure proper governmental buy-in to all solutions

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