Financial & Business Analysis | Organization Alignment and Metric Modeling

Today’s “adapt or abort” business climate requires dynamic data gathering, analysis and reporting to drive informed and effective decision making at all organizational levels.

Whether the objective is to inject analytical horsepower into the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process, optimize a DCF model or simply improve accountability by developing performance metrics, RAS is well-positioned to translate data into meaningful — and consumable — extracts. By leveraging our capabilities, clients have harnessed the true value of their data. “Knowledge is power,” and we believe supplying the right knowledge is critical for our clients to make strategic decisions.

  • Budget pressures challenged one of the world’s largest Aerospace and Defense organizations to develop functional contingency plans
  • Pending legislative uncertainty and the threat of significant business impact heightened the need for quick and actionable intelligence
  • Client needed strong analytical support to identify and model the correct datasets
  • Synthesized revenue projections, staffing figures, and market affiliations by working with disparate functional teams to extract the requisite data
  • Developed comparative metric models and performed labor analyses to project rightsizing scenarios for corporate functions and business units
  • Translated values into current vs. future state organization maps to highlight key opportunities and improve executive uptake
  • Customized analyses and assessments socialized directly with CFO and COO allowing for quick solution deployment
  • Created plug-and-play models and analytic framework for future use in aligning business strategies focused on cost reduction with internal operations
  • Previously undefined linkage established between two functions resulting in close scrutiny of operational and labor redundancies

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