Financial Services | Performance Management

The Financial Services industry faces new challenges in regulation, customer-preferred service delivery models, and the continued re-branding and restoration of the industry’s public image.

RAS & Associates has broad experience delivering solutions to the financial services industry, including developing regulatory compliance programs and implementing process optimization strategies to improve performance and manage risk. Our consultants have worked for and within financial services organizations and have proven approaches to overcome current challenges, in addition to preparing organizations to manage change in the dynamic global market.

  • Performance: Business units are underperforming against other internal units or against the market
  • Organizational misalignment: The organization is uncertain of the strategic vision and members are chasing disparate objectives
  • Missing expectations: New services or offerings are underachieving against expected return on investment
  • Corporate capability and resource assessment
  • Strategic goal creation
  • Corporate performance metric creation, targeting, and tracking
  • Organizational roles and responsibility development
  • Business case criteria development

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