For The Fifth Year, RAS Works With Colorado State University Students Presenting To Lockheed Martin Executives

Five years ago, Rob Swanson, president of RAS & Associates, approached Bill Shuster, Colorado State University clinical professor of management, with a proposal. The concept that Swanson brought was simple – students in Shuster’s Honors capstone class would present case study solutions to business executives. Shuster, immediately seeing the program as an opportunity for everyone involved to gain something valuable, agreed to launch the project. Today, the program is even stronger – and growing.

Each year, students in Shuster’s class form teams that work throughout the semester to develop a solution to a problem put forth by a client or company. They have access to both the client – this year, the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company – and the consultant, RAS. The semester of work culminates in a 10-minute presentation in front of executives from the client company. Read More