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Consumers spend more on communications, electronics, and content than car payments, and competition to attract these customers is more intense than ever.

Many customers actively participate in shaping their favorite brands; others are interested in sharing their opinion. RAS & Associates works collaboratively with social media firms to establish platforms that clients can leverage to actively engage their customers.

  • Data showed that a large percentage of customers were not aligned with the best product offering that met their needs.
  • Client desired to improve the customer’s product experience and wanted to test and refine multiple concepts to better align their customers in a fast and cost-effective way
  • Partnered with an Internet-based crowdsourcing community and led them through several stages to capture customer insights, identify ideas, and test multiple concepts.
  • Organized the project and facilitated the client team through the findings of each stage of the process
  • Designed an implementation plan based on the options that were most effective and attractive
  • Client quickly gained insight into the customer’s product experience in a cost-effective manner
  • Refined 50 ideas into six concepts for prototyping and implementation to improve the customer experience
  • Evaluated options, ranked by the combined values or effectiveness, ease of implementation, and attractiveness to consumers, and provided a road map
  • Established a repeatable method to take engaged customers to capture insights into prototype concepts

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