High Tech, Cable, and Telecommunications | Customer and Segment Analysis

Consumers spend more on communications, electronics, and content than car payments, and competition to attract these customers is more intense than ever.

Through data analysis and evaluation of key performance indicators, RAS was able to identify root causes driving customer dissatisfaction and develop corrective action plans to increase customer loyalty. It’s not just about collecting data, it’s about understanding the story the data tells.

  • Consumer surveys indicated low product quality perceptions among customers
  • Client wanted to identify and understand root causes for the lower quality scores
  • Operational and survey data relating to customer accounts were available, but not evaluated
  • Applied analytic techniques including statistical analysis of survey and operational data, reviewed sales processes, and conducted qualitative discussion with customers
  • Executed root cause analysis utilizing consumer survey responses, account information, and operational data
  • Identified and prioritized specific high-speed Internet customer segments with higher dissatisfaction
  • Proposed corrective actions to address identified root causes
  • Framed root causes in the context of overall cross-functional organization challenges
  • Provided actionable opportunities to address identified root causes
  • Established repeatable corrective action processes for use in subsequent analysis for other unsatisfied segments

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