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Confronted with rising material costs, increasing competition, and aging equipment, today’s manufacturers must focus on efficiency and long-term solutions to retain a competitive edge.

In addition to improved function, lower costs, and higher overall quality, consumers are increasingly dictating when their products are manufactured. In a pull production model, cycle time reduction — the process by which the time to perform manufacturing tasks is compressed — can provide significant cost savings and enable an organization to better meet customer expectations.

  • Global manufacturing client needed to improve its ability to aggregate and view tactical information from disparate and regionally established systems
  • Inadequate and timely process for accessing and tracking basic businesses key performance indicators such as sales, cost and gross margin on a global basis
  • Implemented a business intelligence and financial performance management software tool to integrate more than 20 separate systems
  • Created a master data management program to focus on developing a global product structure and hierarchies to define global KPIs
  • Executed local data validation exercises to improve overall data integrity prior to integration
  • Improved visibility with KPIs enabled business leaders to make more informed, timely decisions
  • More robust financial integration, as well as product and portfolio reviews
  • Improved simulation, modeling, and scenarios analysis
  • Improved operational risk visibility and management
  • Easy, effective translation of data, both aggregate and detail

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