Manufacturing | Cycle Time Reduction

Confronted with rising material costs, increasing competition, and aging equipment, today’s manufacturers must focus on efficiency and long-term solutions to retain a competitive edge.

In addition to improved function, lower costs, and higher overall quality, consumers are increasingly dictating when their products are manufactured. In a pull production model, cycle time reduction — the process by which the time to perform manufacturing tasks is compressed — can provide significant cost savings and enable an organization to better meet customer expectations.

  • Multi-billion dollar Aerospace and Defense joint venture faced significant increases in customer demand across all product lines
  • Increasing demand resulted in an immediate need to build additional production capacity across several production sites and reduce overall cycle time
  • Client engaged RAS & Associates to support a cross-functional, enterprise-wide initiative through operations management and project administration activities
  • Worked with project stakeholders to baseline current production rates, identify factory bottlenecks, and develop the process for cycle time project administration
  • Developed a suite of cycle time tracking metrics and worked with key stakeholders within the engineering and production scheduling groups to ensure cycle time objectives were achieved
  • Worked with factory subject-matter experts to develop trade studies on capital investment projects and provide recommendations to management
  • Reduced overall cycle times 15 to 20 percent from initial baseline, with multi-million dollar cost savings from process efficiencies and removal of non-value-added activities
  • Improved manufacturing processes and restructured process flows to better support customer demand requirements
  • Developed comprehensive demand analysis tools used to identify future production constraints based on changes in the overall production mix

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