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Greg Hurst
Functional Expertise:
Organizational Development, Change Management, Process Improvement, Program Planning, Project Management, Affordability Roadmapping, Operational Excellence, and Government Regulatory Compliance

Education & Certifications:
International MBA – University of Denver, Doctor of Dental Surgery – University of Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio), Biomedical Science – Texas A&M University

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

My Favorite Professional Work Experience:
was viewing a rocket launch live in Florida. Truly amazing what human engineering and dreams can accomplish.

Why I chose my personal tangram:
Male emperor penguins stand and protect their eggs from the elements for two months. That sort of daddy dedication is something I strive for every day.

Favorite Place I’ve Been to:
Ghent, Belgium. Tierenteyn Mustard Shop. This is an entire shop that is dedicated to mustard that was founded in 1790. Incredible story and even more incredible mustard.

Words to Live by:

“The goal is to strike that delicate balance between the past that should be remembered and the future that must be created.” Earl Grollman

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