Our Team

Vanessa Khuong
Functional Expertise:
Technology, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Improvement, Training

Education & Certifications:
Marketing and International Business, Indiana University, Salesforce.com Certified Administrator

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

I joined RAS because:
of the entrepreneurial spirit and firm culture that drive our relationships with one another, our clients, and our community.

Why I chose my personal tangram:
Nerd alert! This is a symbol for exploration and discovery as well as continuous learning and growth.

Personal interests:
Tennis, Cycling, Piano, Crossword Puzzles

Little Known Fact:
I have been in five musicals, but I’m not a great singer.

Favorite Place I’ve Been to:
Italy, for its people, food, and beautiful hikes in Cinque Terre and Lake Como. I am looking forward to many more favorite trips!

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