Process Optimization | Process Analysis & Strategic Prioritization

Companies are continually faced with aggressive competitors, changing regulatory environments, and workforce turnover. In order to operate effectively and adapt to these challenges, your organization must have solid business processes that support your strategy.

RAS & Associates has a simple process approach and maturity model that is scalable and flexible for use across all business functions. We’ll work with you to document current processes, develop future-state process models, identify gaps, and implement the necessary changes; putting your company on the road to operational efficiency.

  • Multi-billion dollar construction services and manufacturing company operating throughout the U.S. with both business-to-business and retail operations
  • Organization was facing challenges due to a weak real estate market, as well as challenges integrating legacy corporate systems
  • Client was using inconsistent and undocumented approaches to identify and compare process improvement opportunities
  • Developed a structured approach using Six Sigma principles to better understand the root cause of problem areas
  • Developed templates and tools including process catalogs, process flows, opportunity prioritization templates, and roles/responsibilities matrices (RACI) to enable process optimization efforts
  • Created standardized stakeholder engagement strategies (workshops, facilitated sessions, and interviews) to better understand the problems, needs, and opportunities the company faced in the marketplace
  • Workshops and facilitated sessions documented short-term wins, delivering time savings and employee satisfaction improvements within two months
  • Identified and developed business requirements for stakeholder-prioritized process improvement initiatives, including quantifying benefits and resource requirements
  • Established roadmaps for high-impact, low-effort process changes to improve headquarters-to-field interaction and reduce non-compliance in high-risk business areas

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