RAS Manager, Greg Hurst, Speaks to Curing the Meeting Epidemic in ColoradoBiz Magazine Online

cobizmagA 2008 study by Lloyds TSB insurance shows that the average attention span has been reduced during the past decade from 12 minutes to a mere five. Such a finding prompts the question: Why are so many organizations holding one or two-hour long meetings, back-to-back, all day long?

In most organizations, meetings are now considered a time to take care of work – and while work can sometimes get accomplished in meetings, they are more often drawn-out status sessions. Furthermore, back-to-back meetings severely restrict our time to perform job functions or think about growing and improving the business. While a “meeting-free” business environment is probably not an ideal solution, there are several ways to boost meeting productivity and ensure a more efficient use of everybody’s time. Consider the following tips for your next meeting: Read More at CoBizMag.Com