RAS Sponsors September 30th Energy + Tech Mashup | 9 News Features Video

ImageTwo of Colorado’s strongest industries are oil and gas development and technology. Each of these industries has incredible strengths and help set Colorado apart as one of the strongest economies in the nation. Both of these industries face unique challenges and have developed unique strengths. The Energy and Tech Mashup will provide an opportunity to connect each of these industries tremendous strengths with the other’s current challenges.

This event will bring together minds from the tech community to help solve various problems facing the oil and gas industry. By assembling diverse groups of people to focus their collective knowledge and experience, this event will encourage tech oriented entrepreneurs and businesses to build products and companies around the ideas being discussed.

A panel of leaders from oil and gas-related companies will relay problems that their companies face. In turn, a panel of notable local tech entrepreneurs will ask questions to help define the opportunity being presented, provide insights about possible approaches, and generate creative potential solutions. Our goals are to initiate collaborative relationships between members of each industry, and to encourage cross-sector engagement to create innovative ideas to move both industries forward.

Colorado is uniquely positioned to become the leader in this space. By leveraging the strengths of two of our state’s strongest industries, this event will help us continue to push the growing power of our economy.

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