Reporting Optimization and Dashboard Development

Today’s “adapt or abort” business climate requires dynamic data gathering, analysis and reporting to drive informed and effective decision making at all organizational levels.

With the emergence of “Big Data” executives now have access to more raw information than ever before. A comprehensive suite of tailored reports and dashboard solutions can help organize this information and provide executives with accurate, scalable, and timely KPI-aligned measures. Such tools make complicated data more meaningful and actionable – allowing executives to make the most informed, and timely business decisions possible.

  • The client, a $4 billion high-tech manufacturing company, possessed limited visibility into overall factory performance and major production disruptions
  • Lack of a uniform and reliable reporting capability resulted in time-consuming, resource intensive, and inaccurate performance measurement across operating units
  • Limited review of historical data prevented leadership from identifying operating risks and addressing undesirable performance trends
  • Collaborated with executives and primary stakeholders to identify requirements, key-performance measurements, and desired reporting format
  • Provided real-time reporting to multiple stakeholders by developing automated and scalable performance dashboards with direct linkages to existing client databases
  • Developed end-to-end reference and training materials for both users and process owners, to ensure long-term sustainability and the capability to respond to future reporting needs
  • Significantly improved visibility into the performance of work centers and major operating units at the supervisor, area manager, and executive leadership levels
  • Enabled the review of historical data trends and allowed production leadership to develop targeted process improvement programs for several major disruption categories
  • Drove desired behaviors across major enterprise functions and helped promote a culture of continuous improvement

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