Rob Swanson, Founding Partner, Speaker at Local Summit 2013

Summit 2013Over 500 attendees heard insights from 26 industry experts during 30 learning sessions at Local Income Lab’s 2013 Local Summit. The Local Summit gathered the industry’s top subject matter experts, trainers, vendors, and Denver marketers with the goal of sharing their tactics and trends in a way that would be consumable for marketing professionals at any level. Seven key areas were covered at this event including: industry trends, mindset, prospecting, operations, sales, and services. Rob Swanson, RAS & Associates’ Founding Partner, spoke to the projections, profits, and passions of Denver marketing companies. Rob’s presentation dove into his analysis of the industry’s future and what it will take to ensure Denver’s marketing companies succeed. RAS & Associate’s Integrated Sales and Marketing approach was a large part of Rob’s presentation given the recent success of the framework. The approach, formed and tested by RAS & Associates’ in 2012, has become key in aligning two initiatives that play a huge part in revenue generation for multiple RAS clientele.

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This creates a massive business opportunity for the ambitious person looking to create a great income in their own backyard. Borrell Associates, a leading research firm, expects local online marketing to hit $18.5 billion in 2012, surpassing the traditional leader in the local space, newspapers.