Energy & Mining | ROW & GIS System Implementation

As investor expectations climb, challenges threaten the U.S. Energy and Mining sector, including escalating costs and increased regulatory obligations.

Feeling buried? During periods of rapid growth, competing priorities and an increasing volume of activity can make it difficult to deliver consistent, high-quality outputs on a timely basis. Investing the time to evaluate your systems will help identify opportunities to optimize the people, processes, and tools that drive your business – and help ensure that required timelines are met, while getting your head out of the sand.

  • The client, a Midstream Pipeline company, required systematic documented, standardized and consistent procedures for pre-construction and Right of Way (ROW) acquisition
  • The company’s existing processes were complex, including routing, mapping/GIS, environmental/permitting, ROW acquisition and preconstruction activities
  • Inconsistency and lack of approvals and workflows were causing an inability to monitor and track field activity and increasing risk of development prior to right of way acquisition
  • Developed requirements and designed system to manage ROW acquisition activities to include all pipeline, pre-construction activity (routing, environmental, permitting, mapping, pre-construction and engineering)
  • System was designed to provide a complete ROW Acquisition package to construction with all necessary mapping documents permits, and related filings
  • Facilitated operational design sessions across multiple geographies and functions
  • Standardized processes to enable improved visibility of field activity
  • Timely and reliable access to ROW agreements and document management for land related activity
  • One system of record for routing, permitting and environmental record-keeping

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