Information Technology | Application Rationalization & Consolidation

Technology Management: Leveraging technology to realize process efficiencies and increase workforce productivity.

Over time, organizations tend to accumulate a number of IT systems & applications – more than is really needed to support business operations. Maintaining excess IT systems results in costly maintenance and support and reduces the overall effectiveness of your IT function. By rationalizing and consolidating unused or redundant applications you can save time, save money and provide your team with the best tools for the job.

  • The IT organization of a multi-billion dollar joint venture consistently exceeded its annual budget and needed to become more cost effective
  • In an effort to reduce cost, the IT organization committed to multi -million dollar savings from application rationalization activities over a 4 year period
  • RAS & Associates was engaged to consolidate redundant applications across the Enterprise, reduce the number of non-strategic IT assets, and realize committed cost savings
  • Established a program structure to organize the client’s IT function and vendor work efforts and developed a standard structure for retiring applications
  • Developed a framework to evaluate application retirement business cases including the categorization of levels of effort and associated benefits
  • Managed retirement projects to decommission redundant systems and tracked costs and ongoing savings
  • Reduced overall number of applications and related maintenance costs in high priority areas
  • Enhanced operational effectiveness of the IT organization by streamlining system related processes
  • Improved the alignment between core operations and IT capabilities

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