Information Technology | IT Demand Management & Capacity Planning

Technology Management: Leveraging technology to realize process efficiencies and increase workforce productivity.

How do you effectively deploy the IT resources your business needs – when it needs them? Meeting the needs of your business to maintain a competitive edge is crucial in today’s market place, and understanding the criticality of your business requirements and the capabilities of your IT organization is a must. Effective IT demand and capacity management will ensure a balanced approach to the provisioning of business solutions with the most efficient allocation of IT resources.

  • The client was under significant pressure to control and reduce operating costs as the joint venture transitioned from start-up to steady state
  • The business had a limited understanding of existing IT capabilities and gaps required to meeting their needs
  • A lack of clarity existed regarding ownership and a single process for requesting and obtaining IT support for business initiatives
  • The Controller and CIO requested RAS & Associates’ support for a co-sponsored initiative to maximize the value of IT by development of a streamlined process including a structured business case evaluation and an approach for initiative prioritization
  • Facilitated working sessions with core business & IT representatives to document current-state and define future-state capacity planning requirements
  • Developed prioritization framework to manage competing priorities and allocate appropriate IT resources
  • Created a performance management program to measure progress and to identify improvement opportunities
  • Developed supporting documentation including detailed process maps, tools and templates, training materials, etc.
  • Established single, uniform process for the submission, validation, prioritization and fulfillment of requests for IT support
  • Aligned IT resources for delivery on highest priority business initiatives
  • Reduced organizational costs through improved business case validation requirements and prioritization methodology

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