Supply Chain | Procure to Pay Optimization

A healthy and efficient procure to pay process provides time and cost savings essential to corporations today.

Minimizing time from procure to pay is not only beneficial, but for some industries is critical. RAS knows how to penetrate the supply chain and not only document what is happening, but recognize, vocalize, and treat the inefficiencies. Our industry-wide experience in supply chain processes gives us the bigger picture.

  • Client had inefficient and sometimes nonexistent hand-offs occurring between supply chain cross-functional areas
  • Confusion over roles and responsibilities within the organization
  • Client had a rapidly growing supply chain and had not re-addressed processes to identify areas for improvement
  • There were inefficiencies causing upstream and downstream ripples enterprise-wide
  • Lead workshops with cross functional teams to define a realistic, future-state process for the supply chain to identify hand-offs and uncover gaps
  • Resolved hand-off issues in real-time where possible
  • Documented all uncovered gaps and hand-off issues to prioritize and resolve
  • Established clear ownership for cross-functional supply chain teams to function efficiently
  • Clear picture of inefficiencies and areas of improvement
  • Concisely mapped the magnitude of individual issues to process points for easier resolution
  • Made documentation available for distribution for supply chain use or enterprise-wide

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